Registration Due Date: January 29th (spots reserved on a first in best dressed basis - spots are very limited)


Term 1 Dates: 

Tuesday February 5th - March 19th (7 week program) at the school courts


Prep to 6

Lesson Time Options:

Lunchtime 12:50 - 1:20pm

After School 3:30pm - 4:15pm


Lesson duration:

Lunch Time Lessons - 30 minutes

After School Lessons - 45 minutes

Lunch Time School Program - How it Works:

  • 12:35: Tennis coach meets students in the Joigny Courtyard, students eat lunch & change into runners

  • 12:45pm: Students are walked by Tennis Coach to the tennis courts

  • 12:50pm: Tennis lesson commences

  • 1:20pm - Tennis lesson concludes / Tennis coach walks class back to Joigny Courtyard for 1:26pm bell

After School Program - How it Works:

  • 3:15pm: Tennis coach meets students in the Joigny Courtyard, students change into runners

  • 3:20pm: Students are walked by Tennis Coach to the tennis courts

  • 3:30pm: Tennis lesson commences

  • 4:15pm - Tennis lesson concludes / all students are collected by parent / guardian

Term Fee: (payment directly to the coaching team - not the school office)

Lunch Time Program (30 min lessons): $112.00

After School Program (45 min lessons): $129.50


Program Payment:

Payment is to be made via Bank Direct Deposit to the Coaching Team - Payment must be received by January 29th 2019

Click here for direct deposit bank details


Program Policies / Procedures:

Please ensure you are aware of ALL applicable policies noted in the registration form below. Key policies to note are:

  • Lunch Time wet weather: if cancellation occurs due to wet weather, a make-up lesson will be scheduled in the remaining free weeks of the Term

  • After School wet weather: lessons will not be cancelled due to wet weather, a theory lesson will be run indoors with the coaching staff. Should this location change occur parents will be notified via SMS notification.

  • After School student collection: We have a strict pick-up time at 4:15pm, due to the coaching team departing to other program venues. If parents do not arrive by 4:20pm to collect their child, student/s will be walked to After Care by the coaching team to await collection by their parent, coaching staff depart to other venues.


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