Policies / FAQ's


Wet Weather :

The coaching staff will endeavour to send a SMS to players notifying of lesson cancellation due to weather. Please note the coaching team makes every endeavour for lessons to continue as scheduled, therefore the team aims to give a minimum 30 minutes notice of a cancelled lesson IF possible. If you do not receive a text message notifying of wet weather cancellation, your lesson will continue as scheduled.

A make-up lesson will be scheduled if your lesson is cancelled due to wet weather.



A make-up lesson will be scheduled if your lesson is cancelled due to wet weather.


When will my make-up lesson be held?:

Make-up lessons due to wet weather will be held during the school holiday period (or on occasions during the Term dependant on availability).

The coaching staff will post a nominated make-up lesson date on the coaching website. It is the sole responsibility of the player /parent to check the nominated make-up lesson date on the coaching website, located under the "For Parents" page.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled make-up lesson, it is the sole responsibility of the player/parent to contact the coaching team as soon as possible to enquire if other lesson times are available to complete the lesson within the CURRENT Term.





Missed Squad Lesson (personal reasons) - Club Venues:

If a student misses a squad lesson due to personal reasons (e.g. school camp, holidays, illness) the coaching team will endeavor to provide make up lesson options for a maximum of 2 missed lessons per term. A minimum of 24 hours notification to the coaching team is essential if you are missing a lesson. It is the sole responsibility of the student/ parent to enquire with coaching staff in regards to make-up lessons. The coaching staff cannot guarantee make up lessons but will endeavor to provide as many time options as possible. Make-up lessons cannot be carried over to a new term.


Missed Squad Lesson (personal reasons) - School Venues:

As squads held at school venues are very limited in free spot availability due to high demand, make-up lessons at your preferred school venue cannot be guaranteed. Where make-up lesson options are not possible at your school venue, make-up lesson options will be located at Legend Park TC Glen Waverley. The coaching staff cannot guarantee make up lessons but will endeavor to provide as many time options as possible.




Refund for absence in a Squad lesson / or Scheduled Make-up lesson - All Venues: 

A refund is not permitted if players do not attend regular squad lessons, or scheduled make-up lessons. Your spot has been reserved for you on the basis of receiving payment in full, therefore limiting availability for other enquiring players. 


Serious Illness/ Injury:

If a student suffers serious illness or injury whereby the player is absent, the coaching team may credit the student with lessons in the following term (carry-over payment credit to next term). A Doctor's certificate is required in this regard.



How Do I Reserve My Spot for a full Term?

Private coaching permanent Term spots are reserved on the basis that payment is made in full for the Term (not on a week by week basis).


Missed Private Lessons (Due to Personal Reasons)

Should you miss a lesson due to personal reasons (e.g. sickness / school camp etc) your coach will provide a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per Term. All further missed lessons will be forfeited and non-refundable. You must provide 24 hours prior notice of non-attendance of private lessons.


Missed Private Lesson (Due to Wet Weather cancellation):

Should you miss a lesson/s due to wet weather cancellation by your coach, you will receive a make-up lesson during the current Term, or school holiday period..


Can I Get A Refund / Credit For Missed Private Lessons?

Players are provided a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term with absence due to personal reasons (illness / school activity). Therefore refunds /credits/ make-up lessons are not permitted for further exceeding the 2 missed lessons limit. Your permanent Term spot has been reserved for you on the basis of receiving payment in full.

No Show Fee

Should you fail to advise your coach via email or SMS that you will be absent for a scheduled lesson, you will forfeit the full cost for the missed lesson. Please note without prior notification your coach is unable to fill this lesson time for other enquiring players. A minimum of 24 hour notification of lesson absence is required.




When is my Squad Term payment due? - All Venues:

We have a strict 'No Pay, No Play' policy. All fees are due no later than your child’s first lesson of the term.  Registration forms containing prices, term dates and all necessary information are available on our coaching website. Click here to view and print your registration form


Non Payment of Fees

If payment is not received at your first lesson, your child will not be able to participate further in coaching, and will be placed on a wait list, pending payment of fees, and available space in the squad.


Can I make weekly payments for my squad lessons?

No, to reserve your spot in the squad for the entire Term, fees are payable upfront for the Term at your first lesson.


I will be absent for some weeks during the Term due to travel / other commitments , can I have a reduced Term fee?

No, we cannot reduce the Term fee due to weeks absent. This is due to your spot being reserved for you in squad lessons for the entire Term, and therefore we are unable to offer the spot to other enquiring players. In this instance we offer players a maximum of 2 make-up lessons to be completed within the current term.







Unless otherwise notified, the coaching team will reserve your weekly squad position for the following Term. However, if a student is absent in the first week of Term without providing notification of absence and hasn't submitted the Term fee, your spot will be offered to a student on the squad waiting list. If you have outstanding term fees that have not been paid, your spot will not be reserved for the upcoming term.




Players are required to re-register by the noted due date each term, your spot is NOT automatically reserved based on previous term attendance. Spots in our Tennis in Schools programs are limited and in high demand. Spots are reserved on a first in best dressed policy. To avoid disappointment it is essential you re-register by the due date noted on the registration form (if not earlier) to secure your spot for the following Term.




Photos / videos taken by the coaching staff of students playing in action may be used for promotional purposes e.g. website /marketing flyers /5D facebook page and Instagram account. If you wish your child not to partake in photos / videos please notify the coaching staff in writing.



I hereby authorise the staff of 5th Dimension Tennis to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I release 5th Dimension Tennis from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs, incurred while undertaking a program or event with 5th Dimension Tennis.


Your privacy is important to us. The data collected from you will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent. The email address you provide may be used to send you information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.