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We encourage Junior competition players to enter in the Annual Junior Club Championship Day! It is required to be a financial member of the club to be eligible to enter in Junior Club Championships.

Two Draws will run simultaneously. 'Flight A' for players with Junior comp grades of A, A Reserve, B Spec & B. The winner of Flight A will have their name engraved on the Junior Club Championship Board.

'Flight B' for players with Junior comp grades of C Spec, C & D Spec. The winner of Flight B will be awarded with a trophy.

When: Saturday September 14th, 12pm - 5pm
Entry Fee: $15.00
Entry Due Date: September 14th

’Flight A’ Format: Singles (1 set per match up),Knock-out matches. Finals best of 3 sets, if tied at 1 set each a super tiebreak will be played.

’Flight B’ Format: Singles, Round-robin, play multiple matches

Mixed competition both male and female compete within both draws.


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