HOT SHOTS SQUADS (5 - 11 yrs)


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                                             WHAT IS HOT SHOTS?


Hot Shots Squads are the coaching team’s most popular program,

fully endorsed and supported by Tennis Australia.

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots (ANZTHS) is just for kids. Smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls that don’t bounce too high make learning tennis fun and easy for primary school-aged children. This means that kids are able to start rallying and having fun right from their first lesson!

The program is designed for 5-10 year olds. There are 3 stages –  Red, Orange and Green – that help to develop children’s skills and confidence. Skill competency information can be viewed below for each level.


For Hot Shots we offer Squads, Private Lessons, and the opportunity to join a Hot Shots Match Play team and represent Legend Park Tennis Club.






The coaching team utilises the Tennis Australia Hot Shots reporting system for registered coaching members. Coaching reports for players are completed through-out the year so that parents and players can track their development during the program, and set future goals to reach in a fun environment.





Why low compression balls are perfect for 10 and under players

Why low compression balls are perfect for 10 and under players



Red, orange and green low-compression balls don’t bounce as high as a yellow ball, making them easier for children to hit. Red, orange and green balls are perfect for developing players.



Scaled sized courts are utilised for each development stage in the Hot Shots program. This allows players to transition through each court size as they develop, right up to reaching a full size court and regular adult tennis ball.


                                                                                                  WHAT TO EXPECT AT A SQUAD LESSON

Squads run from 30 - 45min depending on the level. Using modified equipment, kids will be guided through the technical and tactical fundamentals of the game in an environment that will instil a love of the game. Using a modified system of equipment and balls, essential for the development of technique, rallying, fundamental motor skills, and of course playing the game.  Under this modified system children learn to hit, move, rally and score! 







The Red stage is for beginners. The red ball is larger than a yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high (just 25 per cent compression), making it a breeze for even the youngest players to hit it comfortably.



Program Competencies (not all listed):


  • Overarm throw, jump, run, sidestep, crossover step, balance, catch
  • Drop and hit ball, eastern fh grip, conti/eastern backhand grip groundstrokes
  • Low to high swing
  • Neutral stance
  • Volley with simple action, strings behind ball, racquet above wrist and forearm
  • Initiate serve action ,replicate throw dynamic
  • Begin co-operative rally, understand a rally
  • Know lines of court
  • Participation, team work, fair play




After mastering the Red stage, children move on to the Orange stage where the ball bounces a little higher (50 per cent compression).



Program Competencies (not all listed):


  • Move quickly in different directions with balance and in relation to the oncoming ball
  • Stop with balance and basic positioning/stance
  • Commence loop swings, hit with direction and control
  • Scoring, and calling in, out during a rally
  • Greater co-operative rally ability with control and direction
  • Serve with full swing and co-ordination
  • Begin to understand/enjoy competition, fair play, basic tactical concepts.




The ball used in the Green stage has a higher compression (75 per cent of a yellow tennis ball) and children play on a full-size court.



Program Competencies (not all listed):


  • React and initiate basic movement patterns during competitive rally situations
  • Modify stances to become specific to situation
  • Control depth and direction, begin to understand finishing forward in the court/at the net
  • Commence rallies and points with serve and returns to targets/patterns
  • Score games, sets, understand basic key points
  • Basic tactical outcomes/opponents weaknesses/winning plays
  • Serve with various spins/targets