Paul Annacone - ELITE Mentor of 5th Dimension Tennis


Former coach of Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Tim Henman

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There are a number of key areas to help players through the developmental stages to reach the highest levels. One key area that all successful players realize and manage well is the transition from hitting tennis balls to actually playing better tennis.

After the foundation has been laid it is really important that the player understand what style of game they have and how best to win or lose doing what they do best. Many players rely too heavily on hitting the ball and don't have a clear picture of the strategy and tactics involved in hitting the ball.

The key is understanding :


What are my strengths - & how do I set up points to maximize these strengths? 


  • What is process goal for me to play well; meaning--- how can I dictate play point after point & win or lose pts on my terms?


  • Make sure they stay PROCESS FOCUSED, not  RESULT FOCUSED


  • How can I set up the mental plan so I can deal with adversity and set backs ?


  • Balanced reactions to good & poor execution


  • Accepting mediocrity or average play, and realizing that you are only as good as your average day. This does not mean don't strive for EXCELLENCE, it means work hard to accept whatever you have on the day and strategize to get the most out of that day.


  • Be physically fit enough to push through hurdles and assist the mental needs to deal with day in day out work.


Paul Annacone