5th Dimension registered coaching members are eligible to Join an ANZ Hot Shots Team and represent Legend Park Tennis Club.
 The coaching team tracks each player's development through-out the year and can further advise on your child's participation in a team. Enquire with the coaching team today!

What Is It?

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Matchplay is the perfect way for kids to experience team tennis for the first time. There are two gradings that cater for players of different standards – Orange ball and Green ball. Your team will represent Legend Park Tennis Club, and will compete against other clubs within Monash district, both at home and away venues.


Orange Ball team (10 and Under)

The orange ball matchplay is aimed at children who are beginning to play the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or at school. All players will be aged between 7 and 10 years of age at the commencement of the season.


Green Ball team (11 and Under)

The green ball matchplay is aimed at children who have some experience in playing the sport and are participating regularly in ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or tennis at school, or have progressed from an Orange Ball League. All players will be aged between 9 and 10 years of age at the commencement of the season.


When Does Matchplay Begin?

Matchplay competition generally runs for six weeks and are aligned to the school terms. Hot Shots competition is run on a Sunday morning, with a defined start and finish time. Contact the 5D coaching team to find out when the next ANZ Tennis Hot Shots League is beginning.

Orange ball: commences at 9am, concludes at 10am

Green ball: commences at 10:30am, concludes at 11:30pm



Teams will be made up of three, or four players with both boys and girls able to participate in the same league. Both singles and doubles are played each week.



All matches will have a defined start time and we estimate the entire team matches will finish within 75 minutes.


Do I need to be a club member to join a Team?

No, however to participate in a team you must be a current coaching program attendee.